Corporate Social Responsibility
Debenhams Sustainability Report

Our stakeholders

Our business strategy needs to meet the aspirations of many different parties

Our customers

We know that our millions of customers work hard to afford their Debenhams’ purchases and they are at the heart of our decision making, whether that relates to the modernisation of their local store, introducing new product lines or brands, making shopping easier through multi-channel or communicating with them through our marketing and customer feedback activities. We need to meet our customers’ expectations that every one of our products is manufactured in an environment which is socially ethical and quality assurance compliant.

Our suppliers

Our suppliers are key for us to succeed in the second pillar of our strategy “Delivering a compelling customer proposition” because without them we would be unable to give customers the unique, differentiated and exclusive range of products they enjoy today. We want our suppliers to support us and to support their own people and the environment. We expect them to adhere to our Code of Conduct and to ensure that their employees are treated with dignity and are not exploited or discriminated against in any way.

Our employees

We will only achieve our goal of building a leading international, multi-channel brand with the commitment of the 30,000 people who work for Debenhams in our stores, our head office locations, our logistics and distribution centres, our print operations and our overseas sourcing offices. Our employees are crucial to helping us grow and they should be rewarded for the success that they help build. We are committed to ensuring that every individual receives fair and equitable treatment, regardless of their differences. Skills, progression and opportunities for people to develop new capabilities are extremely important to us. Most of all, we need to give our employees throughout the business the skills and tools to inspire and help our customers every day.

Our shareholders

Shareholders provide the capital required to fund future growth. They should have confidence in their investment in Debenhams, driven by the strength of our strategy, longevity, commitment to product and service excellence and a robust control environment.

The environment

We are dependent upon the availability of resources such as power and fuel, raw materials and water. We are also a producer of waste – whether carbon emissions, waste water, packaging or general waste streams. It is our responsibility to ensure that our consumption of resources and production of waste is proportionate and efficient. We must also ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulation.

The community

We aim to be an active and responsible member of the communities in which we operate. As a business, we support local and national charities and community groups, through fundraising and volunteering. We encourage our employees to participate in local community activities.