Debenhams Sustainability Report
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Driving down impacts
Key Fact
Less CO2 per 1,000 units

Driving down impacts

Driving down impacts

Debenhams’ UK and Ireland logistics fleet is operated by DHL. Working together, we aim to drive down emissions and improve our economic and eco-efficiency.

Miles better

Debenhams continues to optimise the use of the vehicles by combining store deliveries where appropriate. Increased focus on our transport performance and store engagement is resulting in improved planning techniques, resulting in fewer vehicles on the road, reduced congestion and reduced CO2.

Debenhams are also working to increase the number of boxes per cage and pallet, driving further reductions in the number of vehicles on the roads.

Double Decker Trailers

We have increased investment in double deck trailers by 7 trailers in 2016.

These trailers reduce vehicle movements between our distribution centres; reducing congestion and reducing our environmental impact as a result of an increase in pallets per trailer of 83%.

Dual Fuel

We continue to operate a fleet of 13 dual fuel Diesel / LPG vehicles; and will look at future investment opportunities for up and coming technology.