Corporate Social Responsibility
Debenhams Sustainability Report

Sustainable supply

Sustainable ethical sourcing underpins everything that we do as a responsible retailer. Debenhams aims to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations of quality products and ethical production at a competitive price.

We source product from suppliers operating out of 928 factories in diverse markets around the world. Our customers can enjoy their purchase with the full knowledge that all suppliers of Debenhams’ products have been carefully selected as part of our supplier and manufacturer pre-assessment processes. Due diligent best practices determine strategic approval followed by the auditing of ethical compliance and technical capability in line with our Code of Conduct, Conditions of Trading & company policies, ensuring the highest of standards are met and maintained at all times.

Our Sourcing division works hand in hand with the Ethical Compliance and Corporate Responsibility teams, together and with our suppliers to ensure a consistent and cost-effective flow of goods, whilst taking the needs of the manufacturers and the people that work within our supply chains and the environment into consideration at all times.

Country wide

How we’ve put our ‘right product, right country’ policy into practice this year.

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Keeping goods flowing

Riding the waves in a difficult year for international logistics.

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