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Newlife – The Charity for Disabled Children

We’ve teamed up with Newlife to recycle our old stock and fabric waste. Not only does this give our old clothes a new lease of life, it supports Newlife’s work to change the lives of disabled and terminally ill children across the UK. From October 2019, all clothes at stores and support centres will be recycled by Newlife.

Who is Newlife?

Established in 1991 – co founded by Shelia Brown (OBE) and Leonard Lewis, Newlife is a charity dedicated to directly improving disabled children and their families. They grant or loan specialist equipment for children with disabilities, provide information and support to families, and fund medical research.

The Reality…

There are now 1.1 million disabled and terminally ill children in the UK, more than ever before. One in every 27 households is believed to have a disabled child in the family, with often more than one. There are insufficient funds in the statutory services to provide the life changing equipment required to provide the support needed.

Newlife gives more specialist equipment than any other (non-statutory) organisation in the UK and are continually funding research to actively improving child health-today and tomorrow.

What do we recycle?

Our stores and support centres will use this process for stock and sample disposal of all product types.