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Listening to our customers

Listening to our customers

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and actively seek their views. We see this as an integral part of our plans for a sustainable customer base. We connect online and face-to-face with thousands of customers in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Denmark.

Up close

Debenhams’ Customer Closeness programme gives senior management the unique opportunity to collect constructive criticism, advice and insights directly from shoppers.

In addition, Customer closeness sessions allow senior executives to meet eight to ten customers at a time to talk to them about their experiences of shopping at Debenhams. “Customer Closeness days highlight a number of local and national opportunities that the senior management are actively discussing,” says Richard Cristofoli, Marketing Director.

We also have a customer panel of 15,000 customers to whom we send weekly surveys on a variety of topics.

Customer Voice

Customer Voice is our ongoing multi-channel customer satisfaction survey. It allows all customers to share feedback on any part of their shopping experience with Debenhams – such as personal shopper, delivery to home or collect from store. The short survey is easy to complete for customers.

We also operate an online website satisfaction survey. Our single customer view system also allows us to survey specific customers based on their purchase history. We communicate feedback from the surveys to the relevant directors and managers to help them improve the shopping experience in their stores and recognise excellent customer service when their staff receive praise from customers.