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Debenhams Sustainability Report
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Energy efficiency lies at the heart of our clean and green approach. Over the last 5 years, we have delivered a continuous programme of energy investment and benefits spanning people, procurement and projects. This has helped to achieve absolute year on year reductions in carbon emissions, despite our growing estate. We have been reporting our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions since 2008 and reporting online to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) since 2010. We participate in the UK government’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme where we and have achieved reductions in both carbon emissions and overall energy consumption since the inception of the scheme. Our greenhouse gas (GHG) foot printing, reporting and assurance services are provided by Ricardo Energy and Environment. 

Power to the People

People play a very important part in delivering and sustaining our energy reductions, so we provide store colleagues with simple targeted tools to help monitor and minimize their energy usage. Using energy alerts store teams are able to view their energy profiles on a daily basis and receive a weekly summary of their usage and whether they are breaching energy thresholds. Regional league tables help to identify which stores are performing well and help to generate competition between them.  

LED Project

In 2018, we invested over £3 million and retrofitted LED lighting in 12 stores. These projects have not only delivered excellent results in reducing energy use but have also led to a more comfortable customer environment.

Committed to the Cause

Debenhams is committed to continuously improving the energy efficiency of our buildings and operations and continue to make progress towards our group wide carbon target of reducing absolute operational CO2e emissions by 10% by 2020 against our 2007/08 baseline.

This will drive us to deliver continuous improvements in energy efficiency and explore innovative technologies to help reduce energy and carbon usage across our stores, logistics operations and offices.