Debenhams Sustainability Report
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A fresh approach to waste

A fresh approach to waste

In 2016 Debenhams was presented with a Green Apple award for its commitment to improving the way in which it manages waste at store level. The project has delivered significant improvements across the estate and resulted in 97% diversion from landfill for the period of September 2015 to August 2016.

Apple Green Awards

As part of Debenhams continued improvement plan there will be a re-launch of the recycling program in June 2017. This will reenergize the project and ensure that everyone is focused on continuous improvement.  The relaunch will include stores within shopping centres, to ensure that Debenhams standards are being achieved across all locations.


Our supply chain partners have continued to invest in their infrastructures, which goes a long way towards ensuring that Debenhams consistently diverts more waste away from landfill whilst maintaining high service levels.

Simply Waste has invested over £500,000 in new vehicles, which have reduced emissions and improve service efficiency for our sites. In addition to this they have invested a further £400,000 in on board weighing and software integration for the vehicles, which allows them to provide accurate weight information and real time information for our stores.

Key Numbers

Debenhams produced 8341.891Tonnes of waste, of which 97% was diverted away from Landfill; this is a 1% improvement on the previous year.

Over 4099 Tonnes of waste was segregated at store level, this equates to 48% of the total amount of waste generated.

11.394 Tonnes of FDG were donated to the Salvation Army

Tailored Solutions

New Star Environmental, a recycling led waste management company, our partners since March 2012. With their experience and expertise they manage contracts with a number of regional suppliers to ensure our sites have the most flexible and eco-efficient solutions available locally.