Debenhams Sustainability Report
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A fresh approach to waste
Key Fact
Landfill target by 2015

A fresh approach to waste

Debenhams remains committed to minimising the amount of waste we generate not only to improve our environmental footprint, but to make financial savings too. Whilst we continue to strive to achieve a zero store waste to landfill. Our performance year to date is 96% diversion which is 2% up like for like on last year. We are confident about the progress being made to achieve 100% in the imminent future.

Tailored solutions

New Star Environmental, a recycling led waste management company, our partners since March 2012. With their experience and expertise they manage contracts with a number of regional suppliers to ensure our sites have the most flexible and eco-efficient solutions available locally.

A re-tendering process has recently been completed involving our existing suppliers and their competitors. Our focus was to take full advantage of the Capital investment our current suppliers have made during the last 3 years. This included setting up new waste plant facilities and investing in making transport more Carbon Neutral. As a result, three new suppliers were appointed in March and have been successfully working with us to date.

To help drive down the 6% landfill diversion we have actively worked with new partners to assist us to divert our by-product. An example of this is our collaboration with Dulux Paints. They have recently been appointed as our sole supplier, which has enabled us to reduce our costs and allowed us to take full advantage of their take back scheme, where the paint is either recycled or used within community projects

We are currently working with our Partners within the Shopping Centre Managed Stores, where our waste is managed through their facilities that they place, this is to ensure that they are working in line with the principles that Debenhams require and that they are meeting the Environmental credentials required.

Reduce and reuse

In addition to increasing the amount we recycle, we are also continually looking at ways in which we can reduce the amount of waste we generate and reuse items where possible.

In 2013 we donated our festive creative decorations to charities across the country for them to sell in their Outlets.

In 2014/15 we donated 24 tonnes of Faulty /damaged products to the Salvation Army to processed through their reuse/recycling facilities/outlets.

Carrier Bags

In line with the compulsory carrier bag charges introduced by the governments in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Debenhams stores charge their customers for the use of carrier bags. All single use carrier bags carry a 5p charge and all proceeds are donated to the Debenhams Foundation. The Trustees of the Debenhams Foundation allocate the funding to support charities and good causes operating in England, Wales and Scotland. To find out more about the work of the Debenhams Foundation please visit  The carrier bag charge implemented in Northern Ireland is payable, as is required, direct to the Department of the Environment.

Debenhams also provides its customers with the option of purchasing a ‘Bag for Life’ that is available in two sizes, medium and large carrying a 5p and 10p charge respectively. Customers are able to replace their ‘Bag for Life’ free of any additional charge when their original bag is worn out.